Administrative Leadership

Kostas Gotsoulias, CEO

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle 

Kosta's Bio

Before getting exposed in various projects in operational innovation, customer satisfaction, asset management, and Mergers & Acquisitions in several countries of Europe and Middle East, Kostas was first involved with Aspire as a consultant during the start-up phase before the hospital opened in 2008, when he first came to the United States from Zurich, Switzerland to obtain his graduate studies in international affairs and political economy. 

His concern for the local community and valuable guidance to the Board through its first several years and most recent development, led to his current leadership role at Aspire Hospital, beginning in 2015, as CEO. He is an inspiration to the administration and an innovative leader who values the input of his team. During his tenure, Aspire has gone through a tremendous growth and transformation including the expansion of the hospital’s medical unit, two imaging centers, and a rehabilitation center. He is also the architect of Aspire’s key projects including its service culture, leadership, and employee development. Currently enrolled at the executive MBA program at Rice University, Kostas interests in healthcare include epigenetics, neuroscience in leadership, and a value-based health care delivery approach that proactively nurtures happy citizens. 

John Heemann, CIO and Director of Outpatient Facilities 

"A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited dedication and enthusiasm. The trick is to identify what you are enthusiastic about so that you can apply the focus and dedication necessary to succeed.  For us at Aspire that enthusiasm, that passion, is in making an impact in the lives of those we serve through innovation in healthcare."


John's Bio

John Heemann is a transformational leader in healthcare. He is an innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit who is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance the patient and provider experience alike.  Through partnering the latest technological improvements, quality clinical care, and passionate care givers, we can have a positive impact on the quality of life experienced by those we serve. 

Above all, John is an inspirational leader. He is a leader focused on innovation in healthcare but also on developing and mentoring others to take up that mantel. He strives to help all he works with to exceed their own expectations and be more than they thought they could be.  John believes Leaders are defined by the strength of their values and their character.  “An authentic leader takes care to lead from the core of their personal beliefs and their values and they do not waiver.  Authentic leaders have a profound awareness of doing what is right.  They live in integrity with themselves, and their surroundings, a character trait that develops deep trust with their followers.  This is the foundation of their moral fiber, and because of that they inspire others to take up the passion of common purpose.”

David Luxner, Director of Behavioral Health & Compliance

"Responsible healthcare administration operates from a systems theory perspective that no single component exists or works in isolation. The elements of our systems interact and affect each other.”

David's Bio

Since 2015, Aspire Hospital has benefited from David's 36+ years of experience and success in clinical and administrative health care in medical, psychiatric and rehabilitation hospital venues. He is advancing our hospital's health care delivery in the safest environment possible while maximizing community reintegration and compliance. Nationally certified  as a Health Care Practice Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist since 2012, David's education includes an MA in Counseling (Liberty U.) and a BS in Rehabilitation (Medical College of Virginia). His goal is to have the best clinical outcomes, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and staff retention possible.

Cherie Welsh, Patient Financial Services Director

Cherie's Bio

Cherie has been in the Health Care Industry for 23 years. She began her career in retail as a teenager. Eager to advance, she decided to take some courses and started her career as a Secretary in the Oil Field Industry. After a few career changes, she found her calling at Huntsville Memorial Hospital in the accounting area which lead her to Aspire Hospital in 2014.  She started out as a Billing Specialist which then turned into the Director of Patient Financial Services and Medical Records. 


Shilpi Srivastava, Human Resources Coordinator

“Best strategies come to life only when we have the hearts and minds of people who work with us.”

Shilpi's Bio

Shilpi recently joined the team of Aspire Hospital. She has several years of experience in Human Resources. She is certified Professional in Human resources (PHR) and has a passion for healthcare. At Aspire her focus is to play a strategic role in organization’s development by fostering an environment where people can grow and build successful professional career. She feels pride in being a liaison between upper management and the employees.

Jessy Tackett, Marketing and Communications Manager

"Regardless if you are having a good or a bad day, it is up to you to make it better or worse"

Jessy's Bio

Jessy is an experienced creative marketing leader with a demonstrated history of working in corporate and non-profit organizations. She believes that communication is the key between any relationships and her goal is to continuously challenge herself on creating better ways to convey messages in a unique way. She is currently pursuing her MBA from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, and bake.

Kim Harley, Medical Records Manager

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Kim's Bio

After working with special needs children for several years Kim felt the need to go back to school and move into the healthcare industry.  She has been in the medical field for the past 10 years and with Aspire Hospital for the last 5 years.  In her off time, she enjoys spending time with family and traveling when possible.