Commitment to Community

Aspire Hospital is Committed to the Communities We Serve

This page includes helpful articles about health, exercise, and nutrition written by professionals in our community.

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New option available to those who suffer with BPH

Urologist Dr. Ajay Kwatra, Aspire Hospital Board Member, has been helping patients with urinary issues for 15 years in Montgomery County…

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Staying Positive

When you are starting a healthy diet, beginning an exercise program, stopping an unhealthy habit or working on a relationship, one of the main elements for success is staying positive…

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Sleep Deprivation

Sometimes, it’s tough to get a good night’s sleep. You may be feeling worried or anxious over a personal matter or a business matter…

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Nutrition and Your Mental Health

Many times when we speak of wellness and nutrition we only think of physical wellness.  Physical wellness certainly is affected by what we eat and how we maintain our nutritional status but how does this then impact our mental health and wellbeing?

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Stress Management

The 2014 holidays are approaching us and we all need to be able to manage our stress. Thanksgiving and Christmas are very big holidays for most people and even though these holidays are fun and enjoyable, they can bring a lot of stress to us. So, here are some tips…

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Who We Are

Aspire Hospital is a physician-owned hospital providing outstanding medical services to residents of our community by utilizing proven, state of the art technology, combined with compassionate care.

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