Price Transparency

Quality health care for you and your family is fundamental. And, not only do you have a right to obtain quality health care, but you also have a right to understand what it will cost.

Health can be difficult to attain and maintain. Aspire Hospital Financial Services professionals want to take the mystery out of understanding what quality health care will cost you. Aspire Hospital provides Price Transparency that is easily accessible and easily understood.

By providing you with our cost lists and explanations, we provide you with the cost comparison tools and opportunities you need to understand your out-of-pocket medical expenses in order to make an informed decision.

As of October 12, 2020, there were more than 900 health insurance companies offering medical coverage in the USA. There are thousands of different plans in total. Our Negotiated Rates by Insurance Carriers provides a reasonable estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses.

Aspire Hospital Price Lists

Gain access to our Self-Pay Prices and our Negotiated Rates with Insurance Carriers. If you are insured, you can obtain a reasonable estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses.

Price Transparency Lists

Revised 01/01/2024

Behavioral Health

CPT CodeDescription of Service Gross Charge Discounted Cash Price
90853Group psychotherapy$122.50$91.87
90791Psych diagnostic evaluation$237.00$219.25
N/AInpatient Behavioral Health/Psychiatric per diem$1,390.50$875.00

Diagnostic Imaging

CPT CodeDescription of Service Gross Charge Discounted Cash Price
70450CT scan, head or brain, without contrast$1,757.20$162.75
70553MRI scan of brain before and after contrast$3,353.70$561.80
72110X-Ray, lower back, minimum four views$570.60$163.41
72148MRI scan of lower spinal canal$2,681.60$356.34
72193CT scan, pelvis, with contrast$2,058.95$274.89
73721MRI scan of leg joint$2,493.65$356.04
74177CT scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast$2,009.55$561.59
76700Ultrasound of abdomen$826.05$325.50
76805Abdominal ultrasound of pregnant uterus (greater or equal to 14 weeks 0 days) single or first fetus$738.50$325.65
76830Ultrasound pelvis through vagina$561.35$325.50
70030X-ray eye for foreign body$175.10$132.42
70100X-ray exam of jaw <4views$321.35$129.81
70110X-ray exam of jaw 4/> views$399.65$157.17
70130X-ray exam of mastoids 4> views$337.85$157.17
70140X-ray exam of facial bones < 3views$332.70$133.01
70150X-ray exam of facial bones > 3 views$443.95$157.17
70160X-ray exam of nasal bones minimum 3 views$338.85$130.15
70190X-ray exam of eye sockets bilateral$152.45$129.67
70200X-ray exam of eye sockets bilateral minimum 4 views$390.35$162.89
70210X-ray exam of sinuses < 3 views$218.55$132.42
70220X-ray exam of sinuses > 3 views$291.50$132.42
70240X-ray exam pituitary saddle$125.65$132.42
70250X-ray exam of skull < 4 views$353.30$163.47
70260X-ray exam of skull > 4 views$524.25$162.89
70328X-ray exam of jaw joint Unilateral$433.10$132.42
70330X-ray exam of jaw joints Bilateral$639.10$132.35
70336MRI TMJ$1,821.05$355.97
70360X-ray exam of neck$281.20$133.01
70450Ct head/brain w/o dye$1,757.20$162.75
70460Ct head/brain w/dye$1,651.10$274.89
70470Ct head/brain w/o & w/dye$1,911.70$274.97
70480Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o dye$1,443.05$162.75
70481Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/dye$2,010.55$275.48
70482Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o&w/dye$2,799.55$274.89
70486Ct maxillofacial w/o dye$1,925.05$162.75
70487Ct maxillofacial w/dye$2,068.25$275.40
70488Ct maxillofacial w/o & w/dye$2,468.90$275.48
70490Ct soft tissue neck w/o dye$1,348.25$162.75
70491Ct soft tissue neck w/dye$1,878.70$274.97
70492Ct sft tsue nck w/o & w/dye$2,143.45$274.89
70496Ct angiography head$1,472.90$274.97
70498Ct angiography neck$1,359.60$274.97
70540Mri orbit/face/neck w/o dye$1,873.55$356.55
70542Mri orbit/face/neck w/dye$2,810.85$561.59
70543Mri orbt/fac/nck w/o &w/dye$2,343.25$562.31
70544Mr angiography head w/o dye$1,888.00$356.04
70545Mr angiography head w/dye$2,094.00$561.93
70546Mr angiograph head w/o&w/dye$3,145.60$561.72
70547Mr angiography neck w/o dye$1,806.60$356.04
70548Mr angiography neck w/dye$2,630.60$562.46
70549Mr angiograph neck w/o&w/dye$2,636.80$561.72
70551Mri brain stem w/o dye$1,823.10$356.04
70552Mri brain stem w/dye$2,126.95$561.87
70553Mri brain stem w/o & w/dye$3,353.70$552.25
71045X-ray exam chest 1 view$487.50$133.08
71046X-ray exam chest 2 views$322.40$133.01
71047X-ray exam chest 3 views$355.35$132.93
71048X-ray exam chest 4+ views$482.05$162.89
71100X-ray exam ribs uni 2 views$305.90$132.42
71101X-ray exam unilat ribs/chest$401.70$162.89
71110X-ray exam ribs bil 3 views$679.80$162.89
71111X-ray exam ribs/chest4/> vws$764.75$163.41
71120X-ray exam breastbone 2/>vws$253.40$132.42
71130X-ray strenoclavic jt 3/>vws$303.85$132.93
71250Ct thorax w/o dye$1,591.35$162.75
71260Ct thorax w/dye$2,276.30$274.97
71270Ct thorax w/o & w/dye$2,585.30$274.89
71275Ct angiography chest$1,773.65$274.97
72020X-ray exam of spine 1 view$266.75$132.56
72040X-ray exam neck spine 2-3 vw$316.20$132.42
72050X-ray exam neck spine 4/5vws$442.90$163.41
72052X-ray exam neck spine 6/>vws$542.80$162.83
72070X-ray exam thorac spine 2vws$395.50$162.96
72072X-ray exam thorac spine 3vws$393.45$163.47
72074X-ray exam thorac spine4/>vw$288.40$162.89
72080X-ray exam thoracolmb 2/> vw$319.30$132.42
72081X-ray exam entire spi 1 vw$200.00$132.93
72082X-ray exam entire spi 2/3 vw$501.60$163.34
72083X-ray exam entire spi 4/5 vw$604.60$163.34
72084X-ray exam entire spi 6/> vw$656.10$163.41
72100X-ray exam l-s spine 2/3 vws$428.50$163.47
72110X-ray exam l-2 spine 4/>vws$570.60$163.41
72114X-ray exam l-s spine bending$620.05$162.83
72120X-ray bend only l-s spine$529.40$162.89
72125Ct neck spine w/o dye$1,572.80$162.75
72126Ct neck spine w/dye$2,190.80$561.80
72127Ct neck spine w/o & w/dye$2,849.00$274.89
72128Ct chest spine w/o dye$1,597.55$162.75
72129Ct chest spine w/dye$2,225.85$274.97
72130Ct chest spine w/o & w/dye$3,093.10$274.89
72131Ct lumbar spine w/o dye$1,752.05$162.75
72132Ct lumbar spine w/dye$2,440.05$561.80
72133Ct lumbar spine w/o & w/dye$3,400.05$274.89
72141Mri neck spine w/o dye$2,232.00$356.63
72142Mri neck spine w/dye$2,564.70$562.17
72146Mri chest spine w/o dye$2,012.60$356.63
72147Mri chest spine w/dye$2,048.65$562.17
72148Mri lumbar spine w/o dye$2,681.60$356.04
72149Mri lumbar spine w/dye$2,626.50$412.17
72156Mri neck spine w/o & w/dye$3,101.35$561.80
72157Mri chest spine w/o & w/dye$2,679.05$561.80
72158Mri lumbar spine w/o & w/dye$2,962.30$561.80
72159Mr angio spine w/o&w/dye$2,409.15$561.72
72170X-ray exam of pelvis 1 or 2 views$217.35$163.04
72190X-ray exam of pelvis minimum 3 views$306.95$162.89
72191Ct angiograph pelv w/o&w/dye$1,650.05$274.97
72192Ct pelvis w/o dye$1,831.35$162.75
72193Ct pelvis w/dye$2,058.95$274.89
72194Ct pelvis w/o & w/dye$2,080.60$275.40
72195Mri pelvis w/o dye$2,017.75$356.04
72196Mri pelvis w/dye$2,431.85$562.17
72197Mri pelvis w/o & w/dye$2,479.20$562.31
72198Mr angio pelvis w/o & w/dye$1,609.90$561.72
72200X-ray exam si joints < 3 views$297.65$162.96
72202X-ray exam si joints 3/> vws$327.55$163.47
72220X-ray exam sacrum tailbone$310.05$132.42
73000X-ray exam of collar bone$323.40$132.42
73010X-ray exam of shoulder blade$303.85$163.68
73020X-ray exam of shoulder 1 view$290.45$133.14
73030X-ray exam of shoulder Minimum 2 views$329.60$132.42
73060X-ray exam of humerus$301.80$132.42
73070X-ray exam of elbow 2 views$233.80$132.50
73080X-ray exam of elbow minimum 3 views$282.20$132.42
73090X-ray exam of forearm 2 views$276.05$133.01
73092X-ray exam of arm infant$251.30$162.96
73100X-ray exam of wrist 2 views$258.55$132.42
73110X-ray exam of wrist minimum 3 views$300.75$132.93
73120X-ray exam of hand 2 views$252.35$162.96
73130X-ray exam of hand minimum 3 views$279.15$132.42
73140X-ray exam of finger(s) Minimum 2 views$241.00$132.93
73200Ct upper extremity w/o dye$1,417.30$163.26
73201Ct upper extremity w/dye$1,980.70$562.25
73202Ct uppr extremity w/o&w/dye$2,285.55$274.89
73206Ct angio upr extrm w/o&w/dye$1,255.55$274.97
73218Mri upper extremity w/o dye$2,426.70$356.63
73219Mri upper extremity w/dye$3,380.45$561.72
73220Mri uppr extremity w/o&w/dye$2,395.80$561.66
73221Mri joint upr extrem w/o dye$2,251.60$356.04
73222Mri joint upr extrem w/dye$2,387.55$1,149.84
73223Mri joint upr extr w/o&w/dye$2,592.50$562.25
73225Mr angio upr extr w/o&w/dye$2,359.75$561.72
73501X-ray exam hip uni 1 view$234.85$132.42
73502X-ray exam hip uni 2-3 views$327.55$132.35
73503X-ray exam hip uni 4/> views$379.05$162.83
73521X-ray exam hips bi 2 views$693.45$162.89
73522X-ray exam hips bi 3-4 views$796.45$163.41
73523X-ray exam hips bi 5/> views$899.45$162.83
73551X-ray exam of femur 1 view$192.60$132.50
73552X-ray exam of femur 2/>$213.20$132.42
73560X-ray exam of knee 1 or 2 views$252.35$132.42
73562X-ray exam of knee 3$309.00$132.93
73564X-ray exam knee 4 or more$345.05$163.41
73565X-ray exam of knees bilateral standing$321.35$132.93
73590X-ray exam of lower leg Tibia and Fibula 2 views$294.60$132.42
73592X-ray exam of leg infant$276.05$132.42
73600X-ray exam of ankle 2 views$271.90$132.42
73610X-ray exam of ankle minimum 3 views$291.50$132.42
73620X-ray exam of foot 2 views$264.70$132.50
73630X-ray exam of foot minimum 3 views$299.75$132.42
73650X-ray exam of heel 2 views$256.45$132.50
73660X-ray exam of toe(s) 2 views$245.15$133.01
73700Ct lower extremity w/o dye$1,602.70$162.75
73701Ct lower extremity w/dye$1,483.20$274.96
73702Ct lwr extremity w/o&w/dye$1,717.00$274.89
73706Ct angio lwr extr w/o&w/dye$1,510.00$274.97
73718Mri lower extremity w/o dye$2,084.70$356.04
73719Mri lower extremity w/dye$2,201.10$562.17
73720Mri lwr extremity w/o&w/dye$2,613.10$562.31
73721Mri jnt of lwr extre w/o dye$2,493.65$356.04
73722Mri joint of lwr extr w/dye$2,714.05$1,143.91
73723Mri joint lwr extr w/o&w/dye$294.75$562.25
74018X-ray exam abdomen 1 view$260.60$132.50
74019X-ray exam abdomen 2 views$309.00$162.96
74021X-ray exam abdomen 3+ views$482.10$162.89
74022X-ray exam series abdomen$480.00$162.89
74150Ct abdomen w/o dye$1,899.55$162.75
74160Ct abdomen w/dye$2,573.95$274.89
74170Ct abdomen w/o & w/dye$2,790.25$275.40
74174Ct angio abd&pelv w/o&w/dye$3,027.15$561.72
74175Ct angio abdom w/o & w/dye$1,997.15$274.97
74176Ct abd & pelvis w/o contrast$2,111.50$356.12
74177Ct abd & pelv w/contrast$2,009.55$561.59
74178Ct abd & pelv 1/> regns$2,729.50$562.10
74181Mri abdomen w/o dye$2,479.20$356.04
74182Mri abdomen w/dye$2,816.00$561.80
74183Mri abdomen w/o & w/dye$3,239.60$562.31
74185Mri angio abdom w orw/o dye$2,278.35$561.72
75635Ct angio abdominal arteries$1,801.45$274.89
76010X-ray nose to rectum$175.10$132.50
76380Cat scan follow-up study$245.15$132.29
76536Us exam of head and neck$593.30$162.75
76604Us exam chest$254.40$163.47
76700Us exam abdom complete$826.05$162.75
76705Echo exam of abdomen$647.85$163.34
76770Us exam abdo back wall comp$406.85$162.75
76775Us exam abdo back wall lim$406.85$162.89
76776Us exam k transpl w/doppler$358.45$188.25
76801Ob us < 14 wks single fetus$345.05$162.75
76802Ob us < 14 wks addl fetus$186.45$162.75
76805Ob us >/= 14 wks sngl fetus$738.50$162.83
76810Ob us >/= 14 wks addl fetus$443.95$162.83
76815Ob us limited fetus(s)$416.10$162.83
76816Ob us follow-up per fetus$453.20$162.75
76817Transvaginal us obstetric$520.90$163.34
76830Transvaginal us non-ob$561.35$162.75
76856Us exam pelvic complete$707.60$162.75
76857Us exam pelvic limited$431.55$162.96
76870Us exam scrotum$573.70$162.75
76881Us xtr non-vasc complete$573.70$163.31
76881Us compl joint r-t w/img$367.70$163.31
76882Us xtr non-vasc lmtd$417.40$163.46
76882Us lmtd jt/nonvasc xtr strux$417.40$163.46
77072X-rays for bone age$226.60$163.10
77073X-rays bone length studies$328.55$162.89
77074X-rays bone survey limited$395.50$162.83
77075X-rays bone survey complete$515.00$163.41
77076X-rays bone survey infant$304.90$163.41
93880Extracranial bilat study$914.40$356.25
93882Extracranial uni/ltd study$447.00$162.83
93923Upr/lxtr art stdy 3+ lvls$708.65$362.28
93924Lwr xtr vasc stdy bilat$543.85$362.42
93925Lower extremity study$698.65$356.12
93926Lower extremity study$684.65$163.34
93930Upper extremity study$539.70$356.25
93931Upper extremity study$533.55$162.83
93970Extremity study$991.70$356.25
93971Extremity study$764.25$162.83
93975Vascular study$636.00$356.12
93978Vascular study$410.95$356.26
93979Vascular study$349.40$162.83

Oncology Huntsville

CPT CodeDescription of Service Gross Charge Discounted Cash Price
77261Clinical treatment planning$81.46$77.91
77262Moderate level of planning$125.51$119.38
77263Clinical treatment planning external$182.39$175.91
77280Simple simulation of a single treatment area$370.66$251.59
77285Intermediate simulation for two separate treatment areas$608.14$417.20
77290Complex simulation for three or more treatment areas$603.92$397.11
77293Respiratory motion management simulation$550.01$329.91
77295Medical radiation physics, Dosimetry, Treatment Devices and special services for radiation$622.20$279.92
77300IMRT Dosimetry$311.05$188.65
77301Intensity modulated radiation therapy plan including dose-volume histograms for target and critical structure partial tolerance specifications$5,168.65$1,722.85
77306Simple teletherapy isdose plan$189.04$81.94
77307Complex teletherapy isdose plan$367.91$148.35
77321Medical radiation physics, Dosimetry, Treatment Devices and special services for radiation$120.89$48.55
77331Special dosimetry$79.58$21.10
77332Simple treatment devices, design and construction$49.51$17.13
77333Intermediate treatment devices, design and construction that include multiple blocks which include three or more pre-made blocks$183.56$106.36
77334Complex treatment devices, design and construction$943.50$482.73
77336Medical radiation physics, Dosimetry, Treatment Devices and special services for radiation$552.75$256.62
77338Multi-Leaf Collimactor devices$1,358.70$513.59
77370Special medical radiation physics consultation$196.99$158.98
77372Radiation treatment delivery, stereotactic radiosurgery, complete course of treatment of cranial lesion(s) consisting of 1 lesion$1,322.03$1,035.78
77373Sbrt delivery$1,394.28$1,082.04
77417port verification films or electronic portal imaging for verification$20.81$16.40
77427Radiation treatment management, 5 treatments$222.22$211.06
77435Spinal radiosurgery$738.51$710.79
77470Special radiation treatment physician work, total body irradiation brachytherapy, hyperfractionation$172.43$156.31
G0339Image guided robotic linear accelerator-based stereotactic radiosurgery, complete course of therapy in one session or first session of fractionated treatment$3,462.05$3,120.25
G0340Image-guided robotic linear accelerator-based stereotactic radiosurgery, delivery including collimator changes and custom plugging, fractionated treatment, all lesions, per session, second through fifth sessions, maximum five sessions per course of treatment$2,504.26$2,346.67
G0463Hospital outpatient clinic visit for assessment and management of a patient $283.54$278.00

Oncology Huntsville

CPT CodeDescription of Service Gross Charge Discounted Cash Price
77336Cont Med Physics$552.75$256.62
77338Design mlc device for imrt$1,358.70$485.76
77300Basic Rad Dosimitry$311.05$188.65
77301Radiotherapy dose plan imrt$5,168.55$1,722.85
77385Ntsty modul rad tx dlvr smpl$2,088.85$777.66
77334Treatment Dev Complex$943.50$482.73

Oncology Vision Park

CPT CodeDescription of Service Gross Charge Discounted Cash Price
77336Cont Med Physics$552.75$256.62
77338Design mlc device for imrt$1,358.70$485.76
77300Basic Rad Dosimitry$311.05$188.65
77301Radiotherapy dose plan imrt$5,168.55$1,722.85
77385Ntsty modul rad tx dlvr smpl$2,088.85$777.66
77334Treatment Dev Complex$943.50$482.73

Physical Therapy

CPT CodeDescription of Service Gross Charge Discounted Cash Price
97110Physical therapy, therapeutic exercise$164.33$90.16
97113Aquatic therapy/exercises$224.11$62.18
97530Therapeutic activities$132.70$61.42
97750Physical performance test$121.40$51.68
97164Pt re-eval est plan care$213.14$92.64
97162Pt eval mod complex 30 min$485.75$138.68