About Us

We believe that each team member is a professional and must understand their role at Aspire Hospital.

The Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values describe the purpose of our performance focus and commitment to each patient as well as each other.

Communication is essential as we believe that understanding the following is essential for all of our employees:

• Why Aspire Hospital exists
• Where we are headed as an integral part of local healthcare
• Navigating the path to responsibly achieve the goals

The Purpose:
The Purpose and central focus of Aspire is the patient. The reason we exist is to truly “care for patients.”
Aspire exists to care for patients. This is our purpose. “Caring for Patients” is an inclusive concept broader than patient care or doing the minimum required by policy and/or regulation. Each employee must truly believe that it is his or her goal to care for patients, regardless of their position or role in the organization. Our success depends on the meaningful contribution of each Aspire employee.
The Mission
The Mission defines our commitment to “provide quality health care that exceeds expectations”.
The Mission of Aspire Hospital is to exceed the expectations of our patients, their families, and our physicians, by creating an environment that is committed to excellence through the latest technology and personalized, compassionate, comprehensive care. Caring for patients is the foundation of who we are as a Hospital and the measuring tool for how we rate our success.
The Vision
The Vision is the “provision of treatment for our patients that is above and beyond the minimum required.”
We strive to maintain an unparalleled level of standards at Aspire Hospital:

• Through the recruitment and retention of exceptional personnel who share our level of commitment to exceed expectations of those we serve in our community while providing the highest quality patient care

• By developing and maintaining important physician partnerships and alliances with other healthcare organizations to improve the services we provide and to ensure financial strength for our organization

• As a result of continuing to strive to differentiate ourselves from other hospital institutions by routine evaluation and pursuit of needs in the communities and the patients we serve by targeting new services and the continual implementation of technological advancements to meet those needs

The Values
The Values are our belief “compassion and integrity are the cornerstones to provide outstanding patient care.”
We are committed to produce and maintain the absolute best environment to accomplish this as we:

• Treat everyone with respect
• Maintain high skill levels in our job functions
• Show concern for others
• Display high ethical standards
• Support our team
• Meet the needs of our community

Our shared understanding of the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values guide us in our decisions and interactions with patients, physicians, families and one another.