Amanda is very knowledgeable and professional Radiology/CT Tech but most importantly she shows kindness and compassion to our patients.  On numerous occasions I have witnessed Amanda take that extra precious time to put her patient at ease.  She is a team player that never misses work, is the first one here and often the last one to leave.  Her dedication to her profession, team, and patients is truly something to be recognized and admired.

Amanda is an expert in her field and with Aspire paperwork and software.  She is able to trouble shoot issues between several software systems insuring results are delivered accurately and on time.  Amanda is also an expert at avoiding issues, always looking ahead for the next conflict so it can be resolved before it affects her precious patient care.

Amanda has been with Aspire over 3 years and has been nominated several times for employee of the month.  I do not know of anyone with Aspire more deserving of this recognition.  In closing I can say that every employee at ADI that knows Amanda has personally approached me on more than one occasion expressing how important it is to them that Amanda be given this honor.  She is an integral part of the Aspire team and should be recognized as such.